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Posted on November 4, 2014 in Residential Alford Prestige Residential Painting Geelong

As all good residential house painter professionals know, the key to an outstanding paint job starts well before the first can of paint is even opened. Although it is the least noticeable part of the process, preparation is without a doubt the most important element of a great finish, allowing the paint to achieve a strong bond with the surface and ensuring that the lifespan of the painted finish extends as long as possible.

At Geelong Prestige Painting we recognise the importance of the thorough and detailed preparation of each and every surface prior to painting. This is equally as important for both interior and exterior surfaces. But why? Proper preparation ensures the paint “sticks” to the surface it is being applied to.

What is “proper preparation”? It starts with a thorough cleaning of all surfaces, even those not being painted. For example, even though the floors may not be a surface being painted, you do not want dust from the floors to be disturbed and to end up sticking to freshly painted areas. We vacume or mop floors and wipe down any woodwork with a damp cloth. All cobwebs are removed, as well any grease or other contaminants. This is important in areas such as the kitchens and bathrooms where particular attention needs to be given as different residues have often built up on the walls in these rooms.

Once clean, we will fill in any holes, cracks, uneven surfaces and dents with a lightweight filler or spackle, and then thoroughly sand once dry. All other surfaces need a thorough sand as well, particularly window sash and trim and door frames.

If the paint on the walls or ceilings is in poor condition, it will need to be removed. Any loose paint or paint flakes are removed, either when sanding or with an electric stripper or paint remover. Painting over “old paint” means that the new paint will not be able to attach or bind to the wall, giving you a sub-standard result.

Whether interior or exterior, our professional Geelong house painter will ensure that each and every surface is thoroughly clean and prepared for painting to begin. For a fast and affordable quote, contact Geelong Prestige Painting today.

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