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Posted on November 27, 2014 in General Geelong Prestige Painting Geelong

For many, the term “painter and decorator” is quaint and old-fashioned and you may wonder where the term originated. Historically, the painter was only responsible for mixing the paint. He (and it was for a long time an occupation only open to men) would utilise his experience to determine what mixture would be suitable for the surface being covered. Up until the 1900s there were no paint shops and painters were required to keep on hand a ready supply of pigments, oils, thinners and driers. With these he would mix the appropriate paint for each and every individual job. The role of the decorator was to carry out the painting as well as thoroughly prepare the surface to be painted.

Nowadays, paint is manufactured in commercial quantities and is readily available through both large and small retailers and suppliers. It is now the painter who is responsible for ensuring that the surface is adequately prepared for painting and as a result the term “decorator” is not referred to as often.

However, there are still many who refer to the term “painter and decorator”, and you can rely on the professional and thorough services of Geelong Prestige Painting, your local Geelong painter and decorator. Contact us to arrange a visit and quotation today.

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