Our experienced house painters in Geelong can safely handle lead paint during renovations

Posted on December 23, 2017 in General

People renovating their own homes may be putting their health at risk if they don’t take precautions when handling lead paint.

Health Department figures have revealed 22 cases of lead exposure in the Barwon South Western Region between January 1 and October 19 this year, up from 12 cases in the same period the previous year. The increase has sparked a general warning to home renovators to steer clear of lead-based paint uncovered during home improvements or risk lead poisoning.

A sensible solution is to turn to a house painter Geelong people trust to understand the dangers of lead paint, take proper precautions and get the job done sensibly and safely. And that’s Geelong Prestige Painting.

As experienced professional painters we realise that lead-based paint, in common use in previous decades, is best left undisturbed. In many cases it can be simply painted over with lead-free paint for a safe result. But if it has to be touched – such as sanded or stripped – then we use the correct protective equipment to keep everyone safe and lead dust and  particles from contaminating the surrounding environment.

Whether lead paint has been used on interior or exterior surfaces, our teams proceed with extreme caution. We look for warning signs such as red and pink primer paint, which contain lead, and take appropriate action. Window frames, skirting boards, exterior surfaces, gutters and bathroom cupboards are often potential hot spots for lead-paint use.

Paint containing high levels of lead was in common use in homes across the country half a century ago. Nowadays Australian-manufactured paint does not contain lead.

While many people don’t recognise the serious health risk exposure to lead-based paint can cause, we do. Our Geelong house painter team knows exactly how to handle the danger and uses protective clothing, the correct equipment and techniques and the correct clean-up method to ensure there’s no contamination.

So what danger does lead exposure pose to your health? Lead poisoning can affect attention spans, reduce intelligence and increase the chances of behavioral problems. Lead is poisonous to a range of systems in the human body including the reproductive system, the immune system and the central nervous system. Put simply, it’s really bad news for our bodies.

That’s why health officials are black and white when it comes to women who are pregnant or breastfeeding and kids under five. They should not be near areas where renovations are taking place if there’s a risk of lead-paint exposure, the officials say. It just isn’t worth the potential health consequences.

So don’t take a chance on your health. Call in the professionals to handle the lead-paint issue safely and efficiently during your home renovation.

When it comes to a quality house painter Geelong clients can’t go wrong with our team. Please contact us at Geelong Prestige Painting for more information.

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